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2020-21 Scheduled Season NOV 20 - MAR 21

Ski Wee and Cruiser Camp Programs

Ski Wee and Cruiser Camp programs are designed to teach beginning skiers and snowboarders. These are instruction programs are taught on beginner terrain for skiers age 4-10 and snowboarders ages 7-12. The packages include a slope ticket, equipment rental, helmet rental and group instruction. Register at the French-Swiss Ski College counter, lower level of the lodge.

Limited availability, reservations suggested. Call the French Swiss Ski College to reserve your spot (828) 295-9311

*Ski Wee program offered daily. Cruiser Camp program offered weekends and holidays only.
Please note: If you are seeking individual attention or accelerated progress, consider private lessons.

• Register at the French-Swiss Ski College counter on the lower level of the lodge.
• After completing registration, pick up equipment at the rental counter on the lower level of the lodge.
• Please have children take a bathroom break before going to the class.
• Meet on the snow at the American Flag in front of the Lodge, ten minutes before start of class.
• Please have your children booted up, with their skis in hand. (please no ski poles)
• Pick up your children at noon and 3:30 at the “American Flag”. Please be on time.

• It is your responsibility to feed your child lunch. (12-1:30)
• Make sure your child has a bathroom break before returning to classes.

• Use the time between registration and the start of the program to make sure your child is properly dressed.
• Blue jeans and knit mittens are not sufficient for warmth and dryness.
• Sunscreen and protective eye wear are essential.
• Prepare your child for the day ahead by letting him know what to expect and where you will be. This will help everyone have a fun and pleasurable experience.


SKIWEE & CRUISER CAMP Registration Required by: SKIwee*
(skiers) ages 4-10
Cruiser Camp* (snowboarders) ages 7-12
4 hrs of Instruction (w/ 9am-5pm Ticket): 10:00am-Noon & 1:30-3:30pm
Slope Ticket & Equipment rental 9am-5pm
8:30-9am $82 $94
2 hrs of Instruction (w/ 12-5pm Ticket): 1:30-3:30pm
Slope Ticket & Equipment rental 12 Noon – 5pm
noon $62 $74

Reservations, Questions, or more information, call  (828)295-9311.

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