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2020-21 Scheduled Season NOV 20 - MAR 21

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2019-20 Ski Tickets

Regular Season
(Nov. 22 – Mar. 15)
Late Season
( Mar. 16 – 22)
Adult Jr[3]/Sr[4] Student[2] Adult & Student Jr[3]/Sr[4]
8 Hour Flex (up to 8 consecutive hours starting between 9am and 5pm)
Sat, Sun & Holidays[1] $66 $46 $66 $55 $38
Weekdays 41 32 33[2] 32 25
Super Session 9am – 10pm or Midnight
Sat, Sun & Holidays[1] 74 53 74 62 43
Weekdays 49 38 44[2] 40 30
Midnight Blast Session 5pm – Midnight   (Nov. 16 – Mar. 14)
Fri, Sat & Holiday Nights[6] 36 26 31[2] 30 22
Half-Night Session 8:30pm – Midnight
Fri, Sat & Holiday Nights[6] 26 20 24[2] 26 20
Night Session 5pm – 10pm
Sunday – Thursday 27 20 22[2] 21 16
Holidays[1] 36 26 31[2] 30 22

[1]Holiday Rates apply Nov. 28 & 29, Dec. 19 to Jan. 1, & Feb. 15-17
[2]No Student rates on holidays or Jan. 21. Student ID must be presented for student rate.
[3]Juniors are age 12 and under. Children age 5 and under receive free ticket with a ticketed adult.
[4]Seniors are age 60 and over. Proof of age required for senior rates.
SPECIAL MILITARY DISCOUNT! $5 off adult ski ticket. Applies to active soldier, spouse, and dependent children. Each family member must present military ID.
[6] Midnight Blast Holiday Nights: Dec 26 – 31, Sundays Jan 19 & Feb 16

Forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, NC Check.
AmEx not accepted


Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy, errors or misunderstandings in price or specifications may occur. We reserve the right to correct such errors.

Guests of Appalachian Ski Mtn. can now purchase tickets and rental equipment online! Not only will this save time at the cashier booths, but will also offer an extra hour of skiing or riding for FREE! The traditional 8-hour Flex ticket will be good for 9 hours when purchased online! Take advantage of this great value at your convenience.


4 Hour Early Return Option

Receive an App Ski Mtn. debit card when you return to the cashier within 4 hours of a full price 8 hour flex ticket purchase. Ticket and rental receipt must be presented to cashier for rebate.


 ASM Debit Card*
Ticket Rebate $10
Ticket & Ski Rental Rebate 14
Ticket & Snowboard Rental Rebate 18

*No expiration date. **(Only valid for ski ticket and/or equipment rental).**

Multi-Day Ski Ticket Packages

Good Open to Close!

*All Multi-day tickets must be used on consecutive days*

Adult Junior & Senior
Two Day Ski Tickets
Two Weekdays $82 $64
1 Weekday & 1 Weekend Day/Holiday 107 78
2 Weekend Days/Holidays 132 92
Three Day Ski Tickets
Three Weekdays $123 $96
2 Weekdays & 1 Weekend Day/Holiday 148 110
1 Weekday & 2 Weekend Days/Holiday 173 124
3 Weekend Days/Holidays 198 138
Five Day Ski Tickets
Buy 4 days – get one free!
Five Weekdays $164 $128
4 Weekdays & 1 Weekend Day/Holiday 189 142
3 Weekdays & 2 Weekend Days/Holiday 214 156
2 Weekdays & 3 Weekend Days/Holiday 239 170
1 Weekday & 4 Weekend Days/Holiday 264 184
5 Weekend Days/Holiday 264 184

Local Snow Day $10 Flex Ticket

Upgrade a $8 Snow Day Ski Ticket to an 8-Hour Flex Ticket for only $2 more!

View info on our Regional Snow Day Flex Ticket that applies to all of NC, TN, SC and VA!

Snow Day Rates

Appalachian Ski Mtn. offers special Snow Day rates to students, teachers and staff of all public and private preschools, elementary schools, and high schools when schools are canceled or released early due to snow or inclement weather. Snow Day rates apply to schools in Watauga County and the following adjacent counties: Ashe, Avery, Caldwell, Johnson (TN) and Wilkes.

 Ski Ticket (9am – 5pm) — $8
8-Hour Flex Ticket  – $10
Ski Rental Package*  — $6
Shape Ski Rental Package*— $10
Standard Snowboard Rental Package*— $15
Burton Learn-To-Ride Snowboard Package*— $18
Ice Skating Package*— $10

If school is rescheduled for Saturday attendance or rescheduled on a Holiday, and canceled due to snow, Snow Day rates do not apply. Snow Day rates apply to tickets and equipment rental sold between 8:30am and 4:00pm. Snow Day rates are not sold for night sessions.

College students are only eligible for the Regional Snow Day Flex Ticket when classes are cancelled for winter weather. Regular rental rates apply to college students.

Students should present a report card or other school ID from one of the listed counties. Teachers and Staff should present a pay stub or other employment identification. Home-school students may present a home-school authorization letter from the NC Department of Non-Public Education along with a parent’s driver’s license confirming the specific county residency. Home-school teachers do not qualify for Snow Day rates.

*Package includes helmet